she was always there.

My mom created a safe haven for me to run to when I couldn’t rely on anyone else.


As I arrived home after another late night out with friends, I opened my mom’s bedroom door to tell her goodnight. I found her beautifully asleep with a book falling halfway out of her hand and the lamp still flickering. I slowly poked her shoulder to wake her up so she could turn the light off. Startled but happy to see I was home, she reached out to give me a tight hug.

“Goodnight, I love you,” she whispered as I headed toward my room to catch some sleep.

As a lied in bed, I realized how normal this was. With all of her might, she always tried to be awake for when I get home. Even if she hadn’t made it until I arrived, I could always tell that she attempted to.

Then it hit me.

No matter what it is, she has always been there in life, and I almost feel as if I’ve taken it for granted.

Endless tournaments, every scraped knee, that first break-up; my mom was there with open arms and a comforting “I love you.”

A selfless woman who focused her entire adult life on me has been at every life event, no matter how big or small. Whether she was there to share my laughter or catch my tears, my mom created a safe haven for me to run to when I couldn’t rely on anyone else.

The life I live is possible because of every smashed finger she kissed, the nights out she gave up and the arguments we learned from together.

As I reflect on all of the moments where I was at my lowest points, I realize she was the one that never left. My mom didn’t treat me any differently; she consistently and unconditionally loved me without judgement.

But the reality is, once we realize how much we have taken these moments for granted, it is about time for us to venture off on our own.

As my days dwindle away as being her little girl, I am frantically beginning to cherish every moment with her when she is there for me.

Drive back home to your mom. Stay that extra hour. Tell her you love her five times before you leave.

Moms are always there, but try not to get into the habit of taking them for granted. Cherish their hugs, advice and smiles while you can.

No matter where the world takes me, my mom will always be the face I search for in a sea of people because I know I’ll be wishing she was there to experience my moments with me. Just like she has my entire life.

She was always there.


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